Specimen Storage

The CRLB offers biobank support for large multinational Clinical Trials and Epidemiologic Studies. Facilities and services include:

  • 8000 ft2 of dedicated cryostorage space with expansion capabilities
  • Electronic logging and tracking of specimens

    Over 60 Liquid nitrogen tanks with ???? sample capacity
    Over 60 Liquid nitrogen tanks with 4 million vial storage capacity
  • Sample reception database logs all specimens received by study
  • Study-specific databases log all specimens placed in long-term storage, with comments where necessary
  • Bar-coded sample management system ensures anonymity of specimens and linked analytical results
  • Custom programmed storage database allows inventory control at the vial level
  • Short and long-term storage at -70˚C, -80˚C and in nitrogen vapor at ~-160oC
  • -70˚C, -80˚C and Nitrogen vapor storage units are linked to a central alarm system
  • Generator backup
  • State-of-the-art monitoring and security systems
  • Cryostorage facility currently holds 60 nitrogen vapor storage tanks, each with a minimum capacity of 60,000 2 mL cryovials
  • Autofill of storage tanks via pipeline and bulk nitrogen tank

    30 mechanical freezers
  • Freezer maintenance documented
  • Documentation of any deviation from protocol affecting individual vials
  • Controlled documentation for study request for specimen discards
  • Time and date stamps for thaw and refreezing of specimens pulled for analysis