How to Work With Us

The CRLB-GMEL fosters a collaborative approach to the services we provide as exemplified by our Vision statement.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your research needs and discover how we can help to facilitate your project.

The CRLB-GMEL vision is to:

  • Merge an entrepreneurial business approach with scientific excellence
  • Foster and support clinical and epidemiologic research within Canada and abroad
  • Produce the highest quality analytical data, publishable in top-tier international journals
  • Maximize provision of specialized laboratory services to the research community
  • Remain responsive to changing services, technological and financial needs
  • Study and publish data on research and analytical methodologies applicable to large scale, geographically diverse, clinical trials and epidemiologic studies
  • Maintain a state-of-the-art biorepository as a foundation for current and future study

CRLB-GMEL collaborations include the following studies (study end dates,abbreviated headings):

  • Peer-Reviewed and/or Industry Funded:
    Sandoz Canada Inc. XU-8; Bristol Myers Squibb Canada CV123-156; Fournier Pharma Inc. CFEN9506, CFEN9606, CFEN9704, CTS179 80 2; Merck-Frosst Canada SCAT serum lipids and markers substudy; Merck Banyu Japan SCAT LCAT, CETP, and LPL sub-study; Astra-Zeneca Canada Inc. Astronomer Study
  • PHRI initiated studies:  HOPE (1999); HOPE TOO (2003); HOPE-3 (2015), SHARE (2001); SHARE – AP (2000); WAVE (2006); INTER-HEART (2003); CURE (2001); MICRO-CHARM (2000); SHINE, Diabetes Hamilton; DREAM (2006); EpiDREAM (2008); ON-TARGET (2010); TRANSCEND (2008); ACCORD (2009); CURRENT (2009), DECCODE (2010), ASPIRE (2005); ACTIVE (2009); OASIS-2, OASIS-Pilot (1997), OASIS-5 (1999); OASIS-6 (2007); ORIGIN (2010); FAMILY (ongoing); PURE (ongoing); PRoFESS (Strokes); I-PACE; INTERSTROKE (2014); CLSA Feasibility Study; POISE (2007); RE-LY (2009); RESOLVD (1998), STREAM, TIPS (2009), X-SOLVD; FUTURA (2010); TIDE (2011); AVERROES (2010);
  • Large Clinical Trials and Population Studies in Development or Pilot Stages:
    Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA); CHILD
  • Numerous Collaborations in Basic Research