Uromodulin (Tamm-Horsfall Protein, UMOD)

Uromodulin (Tamm-Horsfall Protein, UMOD)

Used for the determination of Uromodulin (Tamm-Horsfall protein, UMOD) concentration in human citrate plasma using BioVendor Human Uromodulin ELISA.

Instrument: Manual assay

Specimen Type: Citrate Plasma

NOTE: Unable to report results for hemolyzed or lipemic specimens.

Volume per test: 2 x 5uL (min volume 25uL)


This assay employs the sandwich enzyme immunoassay technique. Standards, QC and samples are incubated in microplate wells pre-coated with the polyclonal anti-human UMOD antibody. After incubation and washing, biotin labelled polyclonal anti-human UMOD antibody is added and incubated. After washing, streptavidin-HRP conjugate is added and incubated. The plate is washed to remove any unbound UMOD and then the remaining conjugate is allowed to react with the substrate solution. The reaction is stopped by addition of an acidic solution and absorption of the resulting yellow product is measured at 450nm with a reference wavelength set to 630nm. The absorbance is proportional to the concentration of UMOD.

Testing Range: 1.0-32.0 ng/mL