Total PSA – Access2

Total PSA – Access2

Used for the quantitative determination of Total PSA in human serum via chemiluminescent immunoassay on the Access2 automated analyzer.

Instrument: Beckman Coulter Access2

Specimen Type: Serum

Volume per test: 25µL (min volume 100µL)


The Access Hybritech PSA assay is a two-site immunoenzymatic sandwich assay. A sample is added to the reaction vessel with mouse monoclonal anti-PSA alkaline phosphatase conjugate, and paramagnetic particles coated with a second mouse monoclonal anti-PSA antibody. The PSA in the sample binds to the immobilized monoclonal anti-PSA on the solid phase while the monoclonal anti-PSA alkaline phosphatase conjugate reacts with a different antigenic site on the sample PSA. After incubation, materials bound to the solid phase are held in a magnetic field while unbound materials are washed away. Then the chemiluminescent substrate Lumi-Phos 530 is added to the vessel, and light generated by the reaction is measured with a luminometer. The light production is directly proportional to the concentration of PSA in the sample. The amount of analyte in the sample is determined from a stored, multi-point calibration curve.

Testing Range: For PSA-Hybritech calibration: 0.02-150 µg/L; For PSA-WHO calibration: 0.01-121 µg/L