Proprotein Convertase 9 (PCSK9)

Proprotein Convertase 9 (PCSK9)

Used for the determination of Proprotein Convertase 9 concentration in human serum using R&D Systems Quantikine® Human Proprotein Convertase 9/PCSK9 ELISA kit.

Instrument: Manual assay

Specimen Type: Serum

Volume per test: 2 x 20uL (min volume 50uL)


This assay employs the quantitative sandwich enzyme immunoassay technique. A monoclonal antibody specific for PCSK9 is pre-coated onto a microplate. Standards and samples are pipetted into the wells and PCSK9 is bound to the immobilized antibody. After washing away unbound substances, an enzyme-linked polyclonal antibody specific for PCSK9 is added. Following a wash to remove unbound antibody-enzyme reagent, a substrate solution is added to the wells and colour develops in proportion to the amount of PCSK9 bound in the initial step. The colour development is stopped and the intensity of the colour is measured at 450 nm.

Testing Range: 0.625-40 ng/mL