Used for the determination of proinsulin concentration in human serum using the Mercodia Proinsulin ELISA kit (reference #10-1118-01).

Instrument: Manual assay

Specimen Type: Serum

Volume per test: 2 x 50uL (min volume 200uL)


Mercodia Proinsulin ELISA is a solid phase two-site enzyme immunoassay based on the sandwich technique. Two monoclonal antibodies are directed against separate antigenic determinants on the proinsulin molecule. During incubation, proinsulin in the sample reacts with anti-proinsulin antibodies bound to the plate wells. After washing, peroxidase-conjugated anti-proinsulin antibodies are added and the plate subjected to a second incubation. Following a wash step to remove unbound enzyme labelled antibody, bound conjugate is detected by reaction with 3,3’,5,5’-tetramethylbenzidine (TMB) which results in a colour change. The reaction is stopped by adding acid to give a colourimetric endpoint that is read spectrophotometrically.

Testing Range: 3.55-134 pmol/L