Used for the quantitative determination of Galectin-3 in human serum and EDTA plasma via chemiluminescent microparticle immunoassay on the Abbott Architect i1000SR analytics system.

Instrument: Abbott Architect (i1000 SR)

Specimen Type: Serum/EDTA Plasma

Volume per test: 25uL (min volume 100uL)


First step: Antigen in the sample binds to M3/38 anti-galectin-3 coated paramagnetic microparticles.

Second step: After washing, 87B5 anti-galectin-3 acridinium-labeled conjugate is added creating a reaction mixture. After a second wash, pre-trigger and trigger is added to the reaction mixture.

The chemiluminescent reaction is measured as relative light units (RLUs) and a direct relationship exists between the amount of galectin-3, in the sample, and RLUS detected by the Architect.

Testing Range: 4.0-114.0ng/mL

Limitations: Do not test on hemolysed samples